Complementary therapies are a adjunct, not an alternative to conventional medical health care.  Always seek appropriate medical advice first (your GP or hospital when needed)  Complementary heathcare approaches can augment, not replace advice from your doctor.

The treatments, approaches and services offered through this website are no replacement for your own common sense, free will, choice and logic.  Any advice sought and information provided is for personal enjoyment only. 

Information provided is in no way intended to be used as a substitute for any legal, medical, psychological, financial or business advice. It is your responsibility to ensure that matters relating to any of these subjects are sought by professionals in their designated fields.

The use of the words 'energy work' in no way infers a cure or alternative to conventional medical treatment.  
Training to become an energy worker or Reiki practitioner in no way imparts the ability to 'cure' any other and no such inferences are intended by this website.  It is a life path of personal development.  A way.

All training and services is for personal development and enjoyment only, and I cannot make any claims or promises to any individual as a result of the training.

The information/training I offer is not based on any scientific principle.