Tai Chi Chuan

I have been practicing tai chi for 14 years, and I am a Level 8 PTCCI  (Chief Instructor).  I specialise in movement practices, and psychology.  In addition, I have 25 years experience in various applied holistic practices.
Tai chi is a journey of a lifetime, something I would hope each student would discover.  However, each person comes to any exercise (not just tai chi) for many different reasons.  Whether that is simply to participate in a social activity or to move a bit more and increase physical activity.  I understand not everyone wishes to practice a full martial art. 
I have been fortunate to be a direct student of the late Daniel Docherty over many years.  I practice a complete art, and endeavour to pass on the art as taught by Dan - in accordance with what is appropriate for each student.
Being a Level 8 PTCCI Instructor means:
I am qualified to:
  • Teach all Aspects of PTCCI syllabus
  • Conduct Bai Shi when appropriate with students of Practical Tai Chi Chuan syllabus
  • Teach, and offer revision of Nei Gong
I currently run:
A focused village class in Weedon (please email to book your place)
A 6 week Beginner's course at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery starting 20th April (adults only).  Click here to book: https://www.northamptonmuseums.com/info/4/whats/267/beginner%E2%80%99s-tai-chi
As with all exercise, please ensure you seek medical guidance before starting new exercise.

My range of experience includes delivery for: business and organisations, demonstrations.  I have worked for the tai chi community at dfferent levels over many years, and helped deliver both National and European competitions.  I have also hosted and attended workshops over many years.
I hold both a Tai Chi Judge's certification (TCUGB) as well as the normal vocational qualifications to teach - and have had several of my Tai Chi classes and courses observed by OFSTED inspectors.   I continually strive to develop my personal and professional range of experience.
at the end of the day though...I am none of these labels, I am just me, exploring the wonderful world of movement...