Tai Chi Chuan

I can train you in Practical Tai Chi Chuan.

I have been teaching tai chi for about 9 years, across a broad range of settings.  I have taught people on clinical trials, specialist health groups as well as University groups, actors, dancers, yoga teachers - people from every age group from 4 to 100!  I have been OFSTED inspected, and I have been fortunate to receive high quality feedback from all observations.
I teach full syllabus.  That includes the gentle flowing movements people recognise as 'tai chi' - within a martial context (as appropriate).
I also teach [in non-pandemic-times!] Women's Self defence groups - in a safe way (people say it cannot be done)  What I say is, my teacher is Dan Docherty!

The training I offer is open to all abilities.

I am an 'inside the door' student of Dan Docherty (please see his website here: www.taichichuan.co.uk) .  I have been practicing tai chi for over 12 years, and I am a Level 8 PTCCI registered tai chi instructor (To check, please go to: www.taichichuan.co.uk and click on 'Instructor listings'   I am also an Advanced Instructor member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.  
Tai chi is a journey of a lifetime, something I would hope each student would discover - no matter how naturally talented they are.

Being a Level 8 PTCCI Instructor means:

I am qualified to:

  • Teach all Aspects of PTCCI syllabus
  • Conduct Bai Shi when appropriate with students
  • Teach, and offer revision of Nei Gong

See options below:


Zoom-group Training:

Wednesday mornings:

Email to book your place

Qigong [zoom] Introduction to Qigong - 30mins £8


Qigong  [zoom]40mins class with relaxation skills

Martial Conditioning Class [zoom]

Advanced Training Options:
Nei Gong Revision: please email for details

Instructor Training options: please get in touch.