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I am a psychology student, who also practices movement arts and therapies..about 6 years ago, in my first tutorial a brilliant tutor encouraged me to start researching on the topic of my fascination...the way people move...
This page is a resource and exploration base for some of what I have found.


Note: While there is a great deal of research world wide on tai chi, qigong and martial arts in general, a great deal focuses on health aspects e.g. tai chi or qigong for particular age groups or benefits for certain health conditions.   This has had an impact on the perception and outcome of the research so far.  Although progress is slowly being made, research in these areas still have a considerable way to go.
Tai chi and qigong research also has often been grouped in with trials of yoga and other 'mindfulness' practices. Yet it can be a very physical practice, perhaps as C. Caldwell says more a 'bodyfull' practice?
Where tai chi chuan as a martial art 'sits' in the research field poses questions as to whether it is viewed as a sport, a moving meditation or health promoting element and whether any or some of its practices can be considered along the lines of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). 
Ultimately, perhaps its nature is the totality - that it may encompass many or all of these things, depending on how it is practiced.

 Tai chi and qigong may be served best by both the tai chi and qigong community as well as the scientific and academic community when seen holistically and viewed for the synergistic effects across the whole of the art.

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