Why On Earth?

Posted by C on Monday, August 24, 2015
I don't really see why I should start a blog about my experiences.  There are a million (and more) already out there; however I am a follower of intuition, and for days I have been ''pushed' to start writing - so here goes.

I start out with it 'hidden' on my site, and only time will tell if I bring it forward, and even carry it on beyond one or two posts.

So to its purpose:  Why bother?  

My life has been an uncommon path.  Maybe I experience synaesthesia.  Maybe I am highly sensitive.  I have never believed I have a gift.  I have never believed I am troubled.  There are many people like me, I believe.  I have never understood why anyone would want and willingly seek to find a 'ghost' or 'spirit' or some kind of 'other' experience, because for me, and some in my family - these experiences have plagued my life.

Joseph Campbell says 'Follow your bliss' - and I have heard quite rightly the intuitive Carolyn Myss say that learning to handle her experience wasn't a blissful experience for her for a very long time.  That would also be true for me.  Yet I have also been extraordinarily lucky.

What it did 'do to me' - or rather - what living with it in my life not very well factored in there did - was wear me out in trying to ignore it.  In some ways as if I could out-exercise, and out-achieve what was natural for me (i.e. repress what was instinctive), I became exhausted. 

It wasn't until the author Robert Holden referred me to the woman that was to train me - Beverley and I was to unlock the skills that I had within - that everything started to make sense, I found my inner balance and I started to regain a sense of equilibrium.

I began to find and maintain - on a daily basis this balance and grew through successive layers of conscious awareness.

I do not claim to have any special purpose.  I simply follow intuitive joy.  It is whatever it is.  No amount of interpretation matters.  It does not alter the experience.  In fact it will only tend to hinder it.

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