Why Don't 'Psychics' Ever Win The National?

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Do psychics win the lottery, or Grand National?

How do we know that the winners do/don't use their intuitive capacities?  

Does it actually matter?

Sometimes I'm good with horses, sometimes I get information in dreams.  Some years ago when I was working as a support worker in a local town, overnight I had had an intense dream about a pure white horse outrunning lightning and tall buildings.  So of course I woke up saying 'I think a white horse will win the National'  well that year several white horses were running.

The way I work with horses (and some people will have an issue with intuitive skills used this way) I have to work a certain way.

Anyway, whilst working the person I was supporting in the community had the run up to the race on, so I got to see the horses being led-out, and it fitted perfectly with the way my ability works.  So, upon seeing THE horse, I just knew.

On spotting Neptune Collongues, the whitest horse in the race, that that horse was going to win, even though they were just circliing prior to the race.  I texted my partner,and said 'have you put a bet on?'  he said no.  I told him the 'winner' of the race, and said 'go bet' but he said he was at his parents and couldn't be bothered to go back into town.  

So, sitting with a vulnerable adult on totally the wrong side of town to the betting shop, - I had to sit there and watch Neptune Collongues win the National just as I had known he would, as did the rest of my partner's family.

To this day I wish I had just walked out of my job that day, taken every penny I had right then and put it on that horse, but you cannot really live that way; and obviously that is not my character (because I would have done it, instead of writing those words!)  I do not have many regrets in life, but that - is certainly one of them.  Bitter.  Yes.  Galling.

My partner insists that one day I will probably get another horse just like this; and maybe he is right; i say to him that we were given the signs loud and clear, and we failed to act on them, why should we have any more?

Whatever the source of the insight, there is some weird and twisted irony to it.  Yes - you can have the signs, but it doesn't always come easy, and even if you get the signs it doesn't mean you'll always interpret or act on them appropriately.

So - my response is - the people who win the lottery etc., they're the ones who act on their hunches.

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