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Why On Earth?

Posted by C on Monday, August 24, 2015,
I don't really see why I should start a blog about my experiences.  There are a million (and more) already out there; however I am a follower of intuition, and for days I have been ''pushed' to start writing - so here goes.

I start out with it 'hidden' on my site, and only time will tell if I bring it forward, and even carry it on beyond one or two posts.

So to its purpose:  Why bother?  

My life has been an uncommon path.  Maybe I experience synaesthesia.  Maybe I am highly sensitive.  I have n...
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Wonderings on the Path

Musings on the path less ordinary.. Maybe I'm a synathene...some people would say I have empathic and highly sensitive, psychic or other abilities. Me? I keep an open mind - and maybe that's part of the picture...