Strictly Not the Winner

Posted by Caz on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 Under: knowing and intuition
Not a Blonde Moment
For weeks I have been begging my partner to try to put a bet on the fact that Helen - the blonde on Strictly Come Dancing - and one of the potential favourites to be in the top 3 - would not be there, in the final.  I knew.  I just knew.

I had a very strong feeling that there would be a twist.  For all the hype around Helen in the earlier weeks, I had this strong feeling that my partner could safely but a bet on her to not win and we would be successful in this; and I became angry when he didn't.

Sure enough this week Helen was voted out against a stronger contestant.  So all my insistence - over the last 3 weeks or so have come to nothing.  My partner - John once again didn't act on the intuition I had.  He said that the online betting he checked only worked in favour of who would win (i.e. top gir/boy) but I said well we should have gone to a bookies and asked for a special bet.

Such is life.

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