Seeing auras and chakras

Posted by C on Thursday, October 22, 2015
I didn't set out to 'see' energy.  'it found me' I would say.

It started in earnest not long after I had become ill, and commenced my spiritual 'awakening' (against my wishes, believe me!)  I went kicking and screaming.

The capacity was there all along.  I had just blocked it I realise that now.

So what would happen was it would flicker like an old flourescent lightbulb coming on when cold.  I would be relaxed, resting and I would notice a door handle would have a coloured 'glow' or I would be chatting to someone, or glimpse the fact that they had a German WW2 helmet of energy all over their head.  Tap handles too had it; a distinct glow.

Next came the glow around crystals on my shelves.

And I would just reflect....'what is that?!?'  this on/off thing... because I certainly wasn't connecting it immediately to auras, and i wasn't seeing any other 'chakra' or the like.

Doorhandles were often blue or clear; tap handles too and the helmet around the head was not what the pictures of chakras looked like.

None of it came with any grand spiritual 'announcement' and yet it was all very real.  I guessed it was energy of a kind, but I couldn't interpret it in any way.

I was spending a lot of time working on my own health and wellbeing, and I was connecting to nature; learning about all different spiritual matters, but none of this fitted, nowhere did anyone tell me that 'taps had energy!'

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