Operatic Orbs

Posted by C on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 Under: unusual experiences
Stranger still

Once again going back many years, I was reading a certain book when on going to bed I had a very unusual experience.

In between dozing off, I opened my eyes - I know I opened them, and wasn't dreaming.  I saw a light shining above my pillow.  I thought to myself 'There is an orb over my pillow' (like you do!)

Instantly on recognising it, it had an affect on me, that I can only describe as hilarious.  It somehow incurred pressure on my throat.  It was also exponential.  As I watched, it put pressure on my throat, and there I was lying there thinking - any minute now my mouth is going to open and I am going to emit this operatic sound.

It didn't move from the original position on the pillow and I didn't sing.  I just closed my eyes and went to sleep very relieved I didn't turn into some operatic lunatic in the dark.

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