One of the First Meditations I did

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Not long after I started down the 'spiritual path' (and not long on the road to wellness) I had taken up yoga.  Well, more accurately, I had gone into WHSmiths with my Mum for 'an exercise video' to improve my health, and gone to the aerobics section and she had spent some time persuading me to get this yoga video I did not want, instead of the aerobics video I did want!
I was reluctant, but eventually I had taken up Iyengar yoga, and was practicing up to 3 times a week, when the teacher encouraged me to try the meditation side, and gave me a tape (yes I am that old)

I tried 3 times to meditate with that tape, I had listened to it beforehand (without meditating), so I knew what to expect.

On trying to 'meditate' properly, the first time, it sounded to me like it was being played 'underwater' it sounded all bizarre, and I didn't like it.

The next time, I started to feel 'on edge' and as if there was something above me, but it passed quickly.

Then the third time, one afternoon, I put the tape in my machine, and put my headphones on, got myself comfortable in my bedroom and laid down on the floor to meditate.

This time, it all happened at once, I felt something over me, and very quickly, my ear waggled, as if someone had gotten hold of it and 'waggled' it.  That was it, I sat up so violently I actually wrenched the headphone socket out the stereo jack, slammed the machine to 'off' and left the room quickly, and left the house - and went to the garden I was so shaken.  I spent some time in the garden, building up courage to get back into the house, and then back into the room, but I did it and all was absolutely fine.

I chose not to meditate again for six months, and definitely not in that room again.  I continued my physical yoga practice though.

I don't know what that experience was, I just know how shaken I was at the time and how real the ear-waggling was despite having earphones on.

The next time I did venture into meditation, it was to be in the garden, and lacking much insight, I used the tape, and had more experience.

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