My own kind of 'hag'

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In an earlier post I mentioned that from an early age I didn't dare go to sleep in the dark without my face covered.

Psychologists would have a field day with me. 

Well I have many versions of the world-famous night 'hag' that I can relay to you.  You know the sleep paralysis combined with a visitor stalking you across the room, or pressure on you.

Mine is a little at odds with this though.

Mine has been lights and paralysis.  I have had sleep paralysis and versions of lucid dreaming since I was a child.  I am very good with my mind and meditate often.  Having nightmares as a child, even in infants, I devised my own visualisation to get rid of my nightmares (I had a giant who used to swing wheelbarrows in my dreams!) so as a child I came up with using 'no entry' signs over a 'still' from the nightmare - whatever it was a self-cure!  I understood even then, it was all me.

My pecularity of the hag would revisit from time to time in its own different disguises; sometimes I understood it was just a 'frequency' I was at.  Where I was at.

The most disturbing one lasted for quite a few years; it would always come on if I laid on my back.  It would entail paralysis, followed by an intense pressure by I didn't know what.  No visual.  I could 'take it off' if I rolled sideways for some bizarre reason.  It took me years and years to work it out; it wasn't until New Years Day and going to see Lord of The Rings The Fellowship of the Ring that I finally resolved it - sitting very close to a cinema speaker I understood I was having the same reaction to the loud sounds coming from the speaker; the feeling was the same physically in my body.  It was just as if I was being bombarded by ultra low frequency sound at a very loud volume.

I have to say that latterly, it has troubled me less.  I have developed some capacity with yoga-nidra like techniques, whether this has changed it I don't know.  In yoga nidra you stay very calm, but awake as your body goes to sleep.  This paralysis is observed and conscious, less reactionary.  I am able to engage in this even in a car, or with the TV on and my partner beside me.

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