I know what its like to be hung...shot...stabbed

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(yeh...who am I kidding...)

the joys of being an empath

I'm going to tell you a strange story now.

Some years ago while I had M.E. and I was in the recovery-remit-relapse stage I used to often sleep during the afternoons (nothing too strange about that I hear you say)

Except for one day when I woke from a bad dream in which I was watching people being hung.  During the dream some I knew some people were guilty, some innocent and the way they were being hung reflected this (facing or away from the crowds) in horror, I 'woke myself up' from the dream.  Reflecting on it, I thought 'I wonder what it feels like to be hung' (as in, I wonder at what point you lose consciousness')
Instantly a sensation started in my body, and exponentially grew.  It was as if I was standing in a room that was filling up with warm water.  
I was still lying down in my bed, but my body was experiencing a warmth and vibration feeling rapidly escalating up from feet to head, and I was watching it; in a matter of seconds I knew something was happening that possibly should'n't be, and I started to think 'OK STOP, just STOP now but it was too late and I started to lose consciousness so I went from being awake reflecting on the dream to this warmth shooting up my body and bizarrely out my head; and then me slamming the brakes on the process, so I stopped half in/out is how I'd describe it, and there I stayed for a few moments - I know not how long, but what I can tell you is I could here the ticking of a clock above my head, excpet the clock no longer ticked in this state, it sounded like an old record when the needle of the record player is being scratched across it, each tick of the clock was elongated.  I then passed out.  After a bit, I woke up again.  Surprised by what had happened.

The Power of My Dreams:
I am sure many people will probably happily explain the above by saying I probably cannot diferentiate between being awake and asleep.  A common human problem!  Think that if you will and if you find that a more comforting solution to the information I present here.  That's ok.  I am 99.9% sure that I woke up from my sleep, and an experience happened in an awake state and then I passed out, to wake up again.

My sister has always said that I should be careful what I say - the power of my words and that I don't go to sleep I go to the cinema because of the power of my dreams, she says she doesn't think she dreams in quite the same way I do, and certainly my partner doesn't dream like this, although I think Susan's partner does.  So I don't think this is a unique thing at all.

Likewise, I have had episodes in my life where I have had dreams with such intensity where I believe - rightly or wrongly - that I have been on the inside, and witnessed taking a bullet as another person, and a stabbing.  This all sounds terribly morose, and isn't intended to be, I am afraid it is just part of an empath's lot.  However nobody is powerless.

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