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I am puzzling over a question: do people experience chakras/auras because they engage in literature etc., that tells them about it - or what would their pure experiences be if nobody had informed or coloured their perceptions?

Like many on the path, I read and learnt widely about the human energy field.  I've got near 20 year's worth of this stuff under my belt now.  No big deal.

People may well experience hotspots of energy, but what is their pure experience?
That interests me.

So I witness glows of energy around people - like the ready brek glow

(Ready Eddie 1980's)

I always have seen this, and I have always seen hotspots of energy around people, that focus on the spinal/central energy column, but they do not correspond directly to the chakra energy line i.e. rainbow coloured any more.

What's more I have always felt this energy, and hear it too.

Nowadays I think that the human energy field has shifted to a completely different system, at least for me, if not for everyone.  Though I feel that for increasing numbers of people, we are not operating on the old dynamics.
Which takes me back to the original question.

Do we only impose what we are told to impose upon our field of view?

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