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I was 'lucky' enough to grow up:

a) in a family that firstly didn't take themselves too seriously, so when all the females in the family referred to experiences with what was jokingly called 'the fluence' (highly intuitive coincidences) we observed, experienced but kept our feet on the ground
b) in a house that was a bit unusual
c) didn't particularly experience any harsh judgement about either of those experiences - either way 'they just were'

I will take each of those in turn.

My Grandmother (Mum's Mum) Daisy could apparently read tea leaves.  It is reported she had some accuracy.

My Mother and sister are both sensitive and intuitive.

There are many stories I could tell about things done/seen/experienced on their behalves, but I will leave that for another time; the significant thing to note here is that I grew up in an environment where I was not 'odd one out'

Our house was peculiar.  The top 3 steps of the stairs were vile; and I would run over them, I couldn't stand at the top of the stairs, and I was forever in trouble for running at the top of the stairs.
One day when I was around 10 someone knocked our door to say they had once lived there, and an off-the-cuff remark they made was that everyone they had known had fallen down the stairs.  It surprised us because all of us had also fallen the stairs too.

My childhood days were odd, because they were full of atmospheres and being scared of the dark; I could be in a room for some considerable time, and then it was as if Hitler had walked in the room, and I would leave very rapidly no matter what I had been doing.  It was as though the air in the room had curdled and changed.  I also spent every night petrified of what I might see in the dark.  So much so that until I learnt how to deal with this with training, I could not sleep on my back without something over my face, no matter how hot the weather.

I used to dance like mad to music, often spinning like a dervish and as I got older, exercising quite intensely.  I loved it.  Mum used to moan at me saying I would wear myself out.  I just loved music and to move.  However several times as I moved at speed, I caught sight of things in the kitchen while I was in the dining room and moving around.  Once I caught a glimpse of a person.  A second time I very clearly saw Sparky - one of our cats who had been 'dead' for some considerable time.  Again, I stopped 'dead' still stopped what I was doing, shocked, and tried to forget what my brain had apparently just shown me.

I went back to exercising,very clearly focused on the fact that (as much as I had loved my pet cat) I definitely did not want any more visuals like that thank you very much! 

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