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Teen experiences

Posted by C on Thursday, August 27, 2015, In : unusual experiences 
Things began to change in my teens.  I started to get some episodes of being 'taken offline' - exhaustion would hit me apparently from nowhere.

What I didn't realise at the time was that my whole being was aiming for balance - I just didn't really know it on a conscious level.

As is usual for teenagers, with the encouragement of friends, I began to explore things like tea leaves, psychomantriums, etc., and found that we could produce some uncanny experiences.

I had detested school right from my ...
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Childhood Experiences

Posted by C on Thursday, August 27, 2015, In : unusual experiences 
I was 'lucky' enough to grow up:

a) in a family that firstly didn't take themselves too seriously, so when all the females in the family referred to experiences with what was jokingly called 'the fluence' (highly intuitive coincidences) we observed, experienced but kept our feet on the ground
b) in a house that was a bit unusual
c) didn't particularly experience any harsh judgement about either of those experiences - either way 'they just were'

I will take each of those in turn.

My Grandmother (Mu...
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Why Don't 'Psychics' Ever Win The National?

Posted by C on Monday, August 24, 2015, In : knowing and intuition 
Do psychics win the lottery, or Grand National?

How do we know that the winners do/don't use their intuitive capacities?  

Does it actually matter?

Sometimes I'm good with horses, sometimes I get information in dreams.  Some years ago when I was working as a support worker in a local town, overnight I had had an intense dream about a pure white horse outrunning lightning and tall buildings.  So of course I woke up saying 'I think a white horse will win the National'  well that year several white...
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One of the First Meditations I did

Posted by C on Monday, August 24, 2015, In : unusual experiences 
Not long after I started down the 'spiritual path' (and not long on the road to wellness) I had taken up yoga.  Well, more accurately, I had gone into WHSmiths with my Mum for 'an exercise video' to improve my health, and gone to the aerobics section and she had spent some time persuading me to get this yoga video I did not want, instead of the aerobics video I did want!
I was reluctant, but eventually I had taken up Iyengar yoga, and was practicing up to 3 times a week, when the teacher encou...
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Why On Earth?

Posted by C on Monday, August 24, 2015,
I don't really see why I should start a blog about my experiences.  There are a million (and more) already out there; however I am a follower of intuition, and for days I have been ''pushed' to start writing - so here goes.

I start out with it 'hidden' on my site, and only time will tell if I bring it forward, and even carry it on beyond one or two posts.

So to its purpose:  Why bother?  

My life has been an uncommon path.  Maybe I experience synaesthesia.  Maybe I am highly sensitive.  I have n...
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Wonderings on the Path

Musings on the path less ordinary.. Maybe I'm a synathene...some people would say I have empathic and highly sensitive, psychic or other abilities. Me? I keep an open mind - and maybe that's part of the picture...