Human Energy Fields

December 9, 2015
I am puzzling over a question: do people experience chakras/auras because they engage in literature etc., that tells them about it - or what would their pure experiences be if nobody had informed or coloured their perceptions?

Like many on the path, I read and learnt widely about the human energy field.  I've got near 20 year's worth of this stuff under my belt now.  No big deal.

People may well experience hotspots of energy, but what is their pure experience?
That interests me.

So I witness glows of energy around people - like the ready brek glow

(Ready Eddie 1980's)

I always have seen this, and I have always seen hotspots of energy around people, that focus on the spinal/central energy column, but they do not correspond directly to the chakra energy line i.e. rainbow coloured any more.

What's more I have always felt this energy, and hear it too.

Nowadays I think that the human energy field has shifted to a completely different system, at least for me, if not for everyone.  Though I feel that for increasing numbers of people, we are not operating on the old dynamics.
Which takes me back to the original question.

Do we only impose what we are told to impose upon our field of view?


My own kind of 'hag'

December 9, 2015
In an earlier post I mentioned that from an early age I didn't dare go to sleep in the dark without my face covered.

Psychologists would have a field day with me. 

Well I have many versions of the world-famous night 'hag' that I can relay to you.  You know the sleep paralysis combined with a visitor stalking you across the room, or pressure on you.

Mine is a little at odds with this though.

Mine has been lights and paralysis.  I have had sleep paralysis and versions of lucid dreaming since I was ...
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Operatic Orbs

December 9, 2015
Stranger still

Once again going back many years, I was reading a certain book when on going to bed I had a very unusual experience.

In between dozing off, I opened my eyes - I know I opened them, and wasn't dreaming.  I saw a light shining above my pillow.  I thought to myself 'There is an orb over my pillow' (like you do!)

Instantly on recognising it, it had an affect on me, that I can only describe as hilarious.  It somehow incurred pressure on my throat.  It was also exponential.  As I watche...
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I know what its like to be hung...shot...stabbed

December 9, 2015
(yeh...who am I kidding...)

the joys of being an empath

I'm going to tell you a strange story now.

Some years ago while I had M.E. and I was in the recovery-remit-relapse stage I used to often sleep during the afternoons (nothing too strange about that I hear you say)

Except for one day when I woke from a bad dream in which I was watching people being hung.  During the dream some I knew some people were guilty, some innocent and the way they were being hung reflected this (facing or away from the...
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I see 'dead people'

December 9, 2015
...but do I really?

To start with I am going to say that I have absolutely NO idea why anyone would want to seek out such an experience.  I have been plagued with it for as long as I can remember.  I hated it all my life.

The amount of people I have met who say they wish they could see a ghost, or meet a loved one who has departed always astounds me.  Deeper still the fascination with all things otherworldly - in any format intrigues me.

Why Uncle Tom Cobbley would make such an effort - and the ...
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Strictly Not the Winner

December 9, 2015
Not a Blonde Moment
For weeks I have been begging my partner to try to put a bet on the fact that Helen - the blonde on Strictly Come Dancing - and one of the potential favourites to be in the top 3 - would not be there, in the final.  I knew.  I just knew.

I had a very strong feeling that there would be a twist.  For all the hype around Helen in the earlier weeks, I had this strong feeling that my partner could safely but a bet on her to not win and we would be successful in this; and I became...
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Seeing auras and chakras

October 22, 2015
I didn't set out to 'see' energy.  'it found me' I would say.

It started in earnest not long after I had become ill, and commenced my spiritual 'awakening' (against my wishes, believe me!)  I went kicking and screaming.

The capacity was there all along.  I had just blocked it I realise that now.

So what would happen was it would flicker like an old flourescent lightbulb coming on when cold.  I would be relaxed, resting and I would notice a door handle would have a coloured 'glow' or I would be c...
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Teen experiences

August 27, 2015
Things began to change in my teens.  I started to get some episodes of being 'taken offline' - exhaustion would hit me apparently from nowhere.

What I didn't realise at the time was that my whole being was aiming for balance - I just didn't really know it on a conscious level.

As is usual for teenagers, with the encouragement of friends, I began to explore things like tea leaves, psychomantriums, etc., and found that we could produce some uncanny experiences.

I had detested school right from my ...
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Childhood Experiences

August 27, 2015
I was 'lucky' enough to grow up:

a) in a family that firstly didn't take themselves too seriously, so when all the females in the family referred to experiences with what was jokingly called 'the fluence' (highly intuitive coincidences) we observed, experienced but kept our feet on the ground
b) in a house that was a bit unusual
c) didn't particularly experience any harsh judgement about either of those experiences - either way 'they just were'

I will take each of those in turn.

My Grandmother (Mu...
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Why Don't 'Psychics' Ever Win The National?

August 24, 2015
Do psychics win the lottery, or Grand National?

How do we know that the winners do/don't use their intuitive capacities?  

Does it actually matter?

Sometimes I'm good with horses, sometimes I get information in dreams.  Some years ago when I was working as a support worker in a local town, overnight I had had an intense dream about a pure white horse outrunning lightning and tall buildings.  So of course I woke up saying 'I think a white horse will win the National'  well that year several white...
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Wonderings on the Path

Musings on the path less ordinary.. Maybe I'm a synathene...some people would say I have empathic and highly sensitive, psychic or other abilities. Me? I keep an open mind - and maybe that's part of the picture...