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Call Caroline on: 07749 807165 or email here

I work in an holistic way.  In accepting and embracing all levels of one's being - we are truly whole.

Therapies and massage:

  • natural/spiritual healing - and healer training.  For general information on healing, please click here

  • Reiki - both Japanese and Crystal Reiki sessions. **REIKI TRAINING TOO***
  • massage -  thai hand massage - swedish body massage - indian face massage.  I also teach these techniques. To learn more about massage, visit my downloads page here
As a guide, Prices start at £15 for 30 mins, £20-45 for 1 hour, depending on location and choice of treatment.


  • Tai chi, qigong; I teach tai chi for Northants County Council -  to learn more about tai chi -please see: www.northantstaichi.co.uk  (please ask for price)

Wellbeing for the mind:

  • relaxation, stress management and meditation. A long-term, experienced meditator, I have a particular interest in Taoist meditation.
  • Tea appreciation - the love of Chinese Tea!  This is one of my personal passions - but I am no expert!  I can introduce you to different types of tea, show you how to brew the tea and how to taste it.  It is extremely relaxing, a huge amount of fun and a very pleasant taste experience.  Its all about the tea, you and the flavour!

Holistic Beauty:

  • simple pedicure and manicure - in clinic, home visits in certain locations
  • Holistic Beauty - waxing (honey warm wax) and hard wax available
If you would like to purchase any of the above please get in touch.  Some items are available online, please go to my shop - click here.