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The ethos behind my shop is to provide you with a range of tools for the path and to help promote Balance at all Levels:

Books: you will find an odd mix of rare and unusual books (one off's in some cases)!
Crystals - if you don't see it here, please ask - I have connections to crystal suppliers.

Incense: I hand make incense.  I also stock high quality incense from suppliers.
[supplies for incense...if you're interested, please let me know...I also grow some herbs that other makers might be interested in]
Aroma Sprays etc. 



How To Manage - Jo Owen
The Inflamed Mind - Edward Bullmore
X and Why - T Whipple
Home Coming - J. Bradshaw



Intentional Healing - E. S. Dacher
In Search of the Healing Energy - M Coddington
Healing the Heart of the Earth - M Pogacnik
Daughter of Gaia - M. Pogacnik
Awakening the Third Eye - S Sagan *exceptional copy*
The Mystical I - J. S. Goldsmith


*please note, I am not a general, or wholesale crystal supplier.  Just an individual with an interest in crystals*

stock to be listed soon!

Crystal Reiki Kits [please get in touch]


stock to be listed soon!

Hand made KYPHI (KAPET) matured incense.


Mini Charcoal Discs (10 discs)

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